i2 Office's Telephone Recovery Solution

If you can’t receive incoming telephone calls you can lose business fast
i2 Office provide a solution that can be activated within a few minutes of a problem occurring.
Such problems can range from a line fault or hardware failure, to an inability to access your premises.
With i2's Telephone Recovery Solution phone calls continue to be answered in your company name and either messages relayed by email or SMS or calls transferred to mobiles, VoIP phones or other unaffected landlines.
Simple to set up with no site visits or hardware needed.
How it Works:
  • We agree a call divert procedure with your telephone service provider which can include either manual activation in the event of a telephone system failure or automatic divert in certain circumstances e.g. a fire alarm.
  • We send you a template to complete setting out how, in the event of your telephone system failing, you wish your incoming calls to be answered.
  • Details include a greeting, a format for message taking, information to be passed on to callers etc.
  • You simply keep us regularly updated with the names of staff and their mobile numbers and email addresses.
This service can also be used for:
  • Out of hours call answering
  • A temporary loss of switchboard cover
  • Overflow call handling (i.e. calls divert after a certain time).


The basic cost of the package is £50 per month or £500 per annum. Any quantity of telephone numbers can be forwarded to a single template within this cost.

Additional templates, if separate groups of numbers require a different response, are charged at £35 per month or £360 per annum.
Each template includes up to 20 minutes worth of operator call time. All excess are billed at the standard rate of 89p/minute.
Call transfers (to an alternative number you provide) are charged at a fixed cost of 30p per transfer, regardless of call length.