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Instagram inspiration for sparking creativity in the office

Posted in: Work-Life-Balance by i2Office on 07th September 2017

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Finding inspiration, or that creative blue sky thinking we all aspire to achieve, can sometimes be difficult on a rainy Monday morning at work – even if you do work in one of i2 Office’s modern and comfortable serviced offices.


With your creative juices running dry, most of us waste hours idly searching the web. It may be what you're doing right now. If so, you can spend the next 5 minutes procrastinating productively with these inspiring Instagram accounts:


Many of us rush out the door on a Monday morning, often fuelling up quickly on an uninspiring breakfast bar or a bowl of something beige. This Instagram account doesn’t just let you dream of a nicer breakfast, it also shows you how something as simple as cooking breakfast can be done creatively.  


Not only is SymmetryBreakfast a great example of turning an everyday event into something creative, it may also inspire you to spend a little longer preparing delicious, healthy and symmetrical meals in the morning. After all, research has shown that people who eat a balanced breakfast are more likely to stay alert and focused at work.



Whether in your personal life or at work, it can seem like our entire lives are lived through the screen of a smartphone. In fact, it’s now estimated that the average person spends up to 4 hours on the smartphone each day. That’s the equivalent of 28 hours a week and around 124 hours a month – more than five whole days!


Despite this, Moography, run by artist Anshuman Ghosh, is an Instagram account that proves inspiration can still be found in the mundane aspects of everyday life. Ghosh combines the real world with images of smartphones to create unique and thought-provoking designs in a ‘quirky, imaginary world’.


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Kate Arends

Kate Arends runs Wit & Delight, a creative multi-channel development and blog, which aims to help you find your own personal style, both at home and in the office. Her Instagram account serves as a welcome reminder – just because you work in a corporate environment, doesn’t mean your environment can’t be brought to life.


Whether you want to spruce up your desk to make it a less cluttered and more productive environment, or just want to spend 10 minutes looking at beautiful photographs, this is an Instagram account worth following.



Edgar Artis

Armenian fashion illustrator and artist, Edgar Artis offers the perfect response to tackle boredom and the sparsity of the office desk.


Artis uses paper cut outs and everyday objects you would find at home or the workplace to create beautiful and imaginative dresses. The unique technique has amassed Artis almost 700 thousand followers on Instagram, and shows that even the most mundane of objects can be used to spark the light of creativity.


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